Come engage yourlsef in our
social, cultural and business ecosystem

It is a certified international program with an immersive experiential structure for businesspeople, entrepreneurs and profesional executives who wish to gain a deeper understanding and connect with Argentina’s social, cultural and business ecosystem.

The purpose of the program is to promote and engage in the Argentine experience in a memorable way, understanding the history of where we come from, the current moment, and future perspectives to profit opportunities offered by our country. This involves direct interaction with its key figures, including business leaders, high-ranking government officials, multidisciplinary experts, and top representatives from relevant organizations within our social, cultural, and business ecosystem.

The ADN EXPERIENCE invites you to take part in a high-quality professional immersion with unique and special access to the identity and genetics of Argentina. This involves experiencing cultural aspects, enjoying its passions, learning from its challenges, and discovering business opportunities. All of this is facilitated through exclusive access to individuals, companies, and institutions, masterclasses, meetings with experts, and top- tier networking events.


Argentina is renowned for its rich culture, natural landscapes, cuisine, architecture, and iconic sports such as soccer and polo. It has been influenced by multiple waves of migration since the late 19th century.

In this land of tangos and passions,we will embark into living a special and memorable experiencie, familiarizing ourselves in its lifestyle, its way of making decisions, dealing with conflicts and conducting business. This willprovideparticipants with a practical and real-time immersive experience.


Natural Resources:

It is rich in natural resources, including a vast amount of arable land, oil, natural gas, minerals and freshwater.


Argentina is renowned for its rich culture, including its music, art, literature and movies. For instance, tango is a highly popular dance which originated here.


Argentina has a thriving technological industry, especially in areas such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and information technology.

Human Resources:

Argentinians are recognized for their creativity, resilience and passion in everything they do.

Generator of 11 Unicornios:

Argentinian companies that have surpassed a billion-dollar valuation. Ranked #2 in Latin American ranking.

We offer you the unique opportunity to engage, learn, and interact with its leaders, as well as connect with the most relevant business organizations in the country

Recursos naturales:

Argentina es rica en recursos naturales, incluyendo una gran cantidad de tierras cultivables, petróleo, gas natural, minerales y agua dulce.


Argentina es conocida por su rica cultura, incluyendo su música, arte, literatura y cine. El tango, por ejemplo, es una danza muy popular que se originó en Argentina.


Argentina tiene una floreciente industria tecnológica, especialmente en áreas como la biotecnología, la nanotecnología y la tecnología de la información.

Recursos humanos:

Los argentinos son reconocidos por su creatividad, resiliencia y apasionados en todo lo que hacen.

Generadora de 11 Unicornios:

Estas empresas argentinas que superaron la valuación de mil millones de dólares. Argentina está #2 lugar en el ranking de Latinoamérica.

Te ofrecemos la oportunidad única de poder relacionarte, aprender e interactuar con sus líderes y conectarte con las organizaciones de negocios más relevantes del país.

¿Why Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires ranks #1 in events and conferences in the Americas and #11 internationally (being the only Latin American city in the Top 20 worldwide). It’s a city rich in culture, entertainment, music, and dance, with a diverse culinary scene, impressive architecture, educational opportunities, tourism, and a cosmopolitan outlook in Latin America.




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